It's all about the moon.

No.  I am Satin, from Moulin Rouge.  I died of consumption in Paris. 

I learned that the greatest thing I’ll ever learn is to have loved and been loved in return.

Then I coughed up some blood, sang about diamonds and died.

Sad really.

I don’t remember making a Satan post.

Please, enlighten me.

Asked lizlemonism

Yep, I know.  But I have a main blog that I’ve given up on, so making this a regular blog would be like masturbating with a fistful of razorblades.  While crying.  And squirting lemon juice at my horse-like genitalia.

"the-bearded-poet won’t be arsed to find this post".

That’s what it said.

Not as many as you’d imagine.  It hovers around 700.

I’m a poet.  And I’m ACTUALLY bearded, so I found your URL offensive and I cried.

Regarding your picture, Xbox/PC Headset - GUARANTEED to get the girls/boys (delete as applicable).  Also your room is messy and that e-fag does nothing for you.  Plus, your love of Ponies is just weird. 

I recommend growing an actual beard.  And shooting your ponies in the face.  Metaphorically, of course, I’m not a monster.

Asked hy-pocrates

I’m like you, only prettier.

THINGS.  Goats with their willies out and stuff.  Y’know, the usual.

I really cannot stand One Direction.  And Justin Bieber. 

If I had my way, they’d all be kidnapped and put into forced labour, making iPhones.

Does the pope piss in the woods?