It's all about the moon.
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It’s just like people need something to complain about.  ON THE INTERNET. 

What the fuck is a Klaine?  

Is it something to do with bums?  If not, I’m not interested. 

Mmmmmm bums. 

They make my nipples all hard.

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The Outsiders.

Nowhere NEAR as many as you’d imagine. 

I just looked.  728.  


"styves will never again live normally.  Also styves will misspell ‘need’"

Give me five reasons why.

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Sometimes ten, sometimes twenty, sometimes one or two, sometimes none.  It varies.  Depends what the post is currently saying.  When it says something about One Direction, I get loads.

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 - I’m here! :)

OK, so I’m assuming you’re called Rick.  And that the post currently says something about Rick. 

This is all very confusing.