It's all about the moon.

I have a nice pair of Man-Tits, if that helps?  

I am totes a dude.  

Asked oplik

Tumblr is fucking weird.

Yes.  Cash? 

Because I’m a SECRET. 

I might be really, properly famous. 

Apparently so. What does it say right now?

I’m super sorry, but I didn’t make the post into that.  Someone else did.  I try and steer clear from politics, to be honest, plus I don’t know enough about the situation to make an informed opinion. 

I’m very happy it made you happy though.  I’m always glad for a little happiness, even if I’m not directly responsible. 

Gosh.  Never be afraid to say anything.  Just speak with conviction.  Go on, message me something you’ve always wanted to say, or an opinion you’ve always wanted to express. 

It’s kinda fun. 

I live by few rules.  Basically…

1) Speak my mind
2) Don’t be a huge twat
3) As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (aside from the very, VERY easily offended), then what the hell? 

THE most successful post.  THE. 

Honestly, it feels exactly the same as having the least successful post ever.  I mean, you’d imagine my life would be full of cocaine and fast cars and big booty ladies, but it’s not.  Well, no more than normal, anyway. 

Bums are SO AMAZING, omnipotentkid sent me the same message twice.