It's all about the moon.
Asked lilcera

What the fuck is sway?

I just sat here for about half an hour, swaying back and forth. I tried it. But I’m on a train, and swaying backwards and forwards seemed to…. worry some people. They started moving their children away from me, muttering something about “mental” and “smackhead”.

I blame you, lilcera. YOU. Shit. The police have just boarded. I’m legging it. Wish me luck.

Before that song, I’d heard… one other, I think.  Some acoustic bullshit about how he thinks a girl is beautiful but she doesn’t and she does something with her hair and walks into rooms and stuff. 

I mean… come on.  One Direction is utter bullshit.  Complete fucking horseradish.  They contribute nothing, the band will fade away in the next year or so, and they’ll spend the rest of their lives trying anything and everything to get back into private jets and screaming pubescent girl’s panties. 

But what they did to Teenage Kicks (and even Blondie, and I’m not a huge Blondie fan) is unforgivable.

I don’t know why everyone comes to me for promos. I’ve got like…. 800 followers. I’m not Tumblr Famous by any stretch.

Also, promoing a tumblr with FUCK ALL content is nigh on impossible.

Here’s the thing. Big secret - you get follows by having a decent blog. If no-one follows you, then you have a strop and quit, then, chances are, it was a shit blog. People follow this blog for the snarky comments and a distinct lack of bullshit (well, some do. The others follow because OMG A MILLION FUCKING NOTES). People follow my other blogs because I’m interesting, or because I write good poetry and stories, of they want to laugh at fat dogs, or see some swearing on some flowers.

I’ll only promo if I *REALLY* like the blog.

Asked abagail1d

I’m actually a tightly wound, highly strung beast of a man who would kill someone for stealing his cheese.

Asked lepigme

Sorry, I don’t speak Turkish.  I managed to work out a couple words, I think you’re stating my blog is just all questions?  If so, then yes.  Yes it is. 

Can you ask again in English?

Asked abagail1d

Not really.  I smell a bit weird and I have a team of scriptwriters that do the responses to these. 

Asked cockslutlou

It would never work.  I can’t fucking stand One Direction.  You can be my friend if you burn all your posters and CDs.  And your MP3s.  Burn them.  With fire.  Not to a CD.  With fire. 

Lots of fire. 


Those fuckers ruined ‘Teenage Kicks’ for me.  I loved that song, one of the best pop songs ever written.  And these dudes come along and trample all over it with that NA NA NA NA NA NA bullshit. 

That turned into a fair rant.  I am sorry. 

(I’m not sorry)

Asked detruisons

You can’t be in love with my blog.  It’s just me being honest about everything.  I checked out your blog. 


If you like blogs that REALLY want new followers, and post hipster photos of pretty people that will never be your friend, then hit up this person’s blog.  

I don’t know what the fuck half you guys are banging on about, most of the time.  

Asked ergiofasgard

I DO like big butts.  It has become an accurate post.