It's all about the moon.
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Full nudes. And some cake. Then I would actually put some consideration into it. Oooh can I have an Xbox One and a new TV too please?


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I’ve been working down the docks, selling my arse to sailors.  It’s not been bad, I’ve been getting an average of £70 a time.  That said, I’ve had to give £50 each time to a man who calls himself ‘Cuddles’, or he says he’ll break my ribs.  He’s not very nice.  Not sure why he’s called ‘Cuddles’, either.  He’s probably nine stone dripping wet, and he’s a nasty bastard.  He once did a wee in my shoe and made a cat drink it. 

That’s not very nice at all, is it?  

I didn’t think so. 

Anyway, down the docks, there’s no wi-fi.  But, I enjoy my job, and sometimes I can afford to buy food.  I’m using the wi-fi on board an aircraft carrier that just docked.  The crew are using me as a wank sock.  

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No.  Obama is the best fucking thing to happen to America in decades.  The man might not be perfect, but he’s a damn sight better than the alternatives.

No telling. 

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It was never that in the first place. 

  • No capitalisation
  • No punctuation
  • Alphanumerical words
  • Nonsensical
  • Pointless
  • Something about bums
You just summed up Tumblr in one ask. 

A Pterodactyl’s. 

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Now now. You’re just getting hysterical.

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I currently live in the UK, but I was born on the shores of San Francisco, to a painter mother and a musician father.  We lived in a pineapple under the sea and lived exclusively off watermelon, which certainly prevented scurvy, but gave me terrible shits.  I moved to the UK when I turned 76 and I now live with the Queen.  She is my secret lover.  Phil knows, he joins in sometimes.